44901 is the last Black 5 to be saved from Barry Scrapyard and one of the last to be constructed. Affectionately known as ‘Kingmoor Black 5′ it was built in 1945 and spent its entire life based at Carlisle Kingmoor shed until its withdrawal in 1965.  In its short life it worked hard, over some of the most arduous lines in the country, in the north of England, N. Wales and Scotland.  It truly is a Great British locomotive!


Painting of 44901 by Jonathan Clay

Black 5 44901 Co Ltd has been established to restore this locomotive back to its former glory. Of crucial importance to the success of this project, and one that makes it unique, is that 44901 shares many parts with the LMS 8F design, and therefore with the aid of many donor parts providing missing components, 44901 will be over 90% complete.  Supporting this project are the team responsible for returning to steam 8F No. 8274 and currently working on NRM’s 4F, No. 4027 which is nearing completion.

If you are interested in this project and perhaps in the future, wish to help with its restoration, donate money or buy shares and would like to be kept up to date on progress through our newsletter, then please contact us on: membership@black5-44901.com.